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Simon Abrahms

The Chesterfield Gallery

Learn more about Simon Abrahms’ New York based gallery.

Learn more about Simon Abrahms’ career.

In 2009, while a student at the University of Connecticut School of Business, Simon Abrahms decided to learn glassblowing. He contacted a local artist whose work he admired, who agreed to help him learn. Abrahms quickly realized that he had stumbled into an artform ready to blossom. Glassblowing had a reputation as a craft, not an art, but the artists Abrahms was seeing were challenging the limits of the form.

Already an amateur collector of glass art, Abrahms’ interest only grew. It occurred to him that the glassblowing community contained many talented artists who deserved to have proper representation. Excited by the possibility that glassblowing held as an emerging form in the art world, he left school in 2011 to begin a gallery in his home on Chesterfield Lane, in Connecticut. Later, the gallery moved to to the Upper East Side in New York, where it now occupies an area full of street-level galleries of all types. However, the business retained its history in its name: the Chesterfield Gallery.

Today, the Chesterfield Gallery hosts work from internationally known glassblowers, and encourages artists to experiment both within the form and interdisciplinarily.

Abrahms is also interested in how the rest of the art world is treating glassblowers. He loves the work of the Corning Museum of Glass in Upstate New York, which presents beautiful art in an optimal setting under phenomenal lighting, as well as allowing people to watch master glassblowers at work. Additionally he is impressed with the work of UrbanGlass, a nonprofit that releases the publication GLASS: The UrbanGlass Quarterly, which does a fantastic job translating glassblown art into photographs, although of course nothing compares to seeing it in person.

Simon Abrahms truly enjoys educating visitors to the Gallery about the works that are featured. As the Gallery owner, he prides himself in only showing work that he is passionate about, and with luck, some of that passion can rub off on visitors.


Welcome to Simon Abrahms’ blog, focusing on artists featured at his gallery, The Chesterfield Gallery. Check back for updates soon!
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